Ibiza photos during the Corona 2020.

We were very lucky to shot Ibiza photos at the wonderful island of Ibiza in the middle of the Corona pandemic 2020. Ibiza is a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea and it’s the third largest of the Balearic Islands. This magical Island is famous not only for its beautiful landscapes, but also for the well-known party atmosphere 24/7 and the best clubs in the world. These benefits attract lots of tourists from all over the world. Every nightlife and electronic dance music lover dreams of visiting this unforgettable island at least once in life.

What we saw when we arrived at the Island amazed us. We could never imagine that Ibiza can be so calm and empty. It was very unusual because some parts of the island were closed course of the COVID-19 for tourists. But this didn’t stop us from enjoying the beauty of this island, as well as taking a bunch of the best nature photos.

We visited many incredible places and we made many 4K nature videos and Ibiza nature photos.

The most memorable place for us was San Antonio. It is a must-see for everybody who plans to visit Ibiza. There you can see the most beautiful sunsets and the most wonderful beaches. Also, in San Antonio, we visited the legendary bar ``Café del Mar``. This bar was established in 1980. The view from the Café was amazing, so we made lots of beautiful nature photos, that show us how powerful nature is.

If you want to visit the most incredible places in San Antonio, we recommend you rent a boat. For example, on the boat, you can enjoy the beauty of the blue lagoons. Also, you can visit the famous Cala Bassa beach and swim in the clearest and cleanest water in Ibiza. We were very happy to see so many fishes in there. Cala Bassa was our favorite spot for shooting nature photos. Unbelievable, but every picture that was taken there is just like a postcard! By the way, here you could find an Ibiza nature postcard. You can also find Premium nature stock photos on our web-site and many others, for example clicking on nature stock photos.

The most amazing thing that we saw in Ibiza was the sunset.  We will never forget the colors we saw.