Nature pictures in Karow-Berlin/Germany

#66 Landscape Berlin/Karow – premium HD nature wallpaper



These nature pictures were taken nearby beautiful Karow, which is a part of Berlin and located in the north-eastern suburb of the capital city. Besides, it’s a very green locality. Here you can find a beautiful forest, also bright fields of rapeseed and of course the famous Karower ponds. In fact, these places are incredibly beautiful and worth visiting, especially for those, who are interested in nature photography.

On that day we were lucky to visit Karow in May because the weather was wonderful and it was the season of blooming flowers including the colorful rape flower. Likewise hard to describe in words, how superior was our location number one for our shooting. The beautiful yellow color of the rape flowers was everywhere around us. It was so bright and so nice. Furthermore, this was a perfect day for flower photography.

Next, we took out our cameras, and then the magic started. We could not stop photographing the surrounding beauty. We just wanted to stay at that moment forever. “This place is a godsend for every photographer” - we thought while taking a shot of a bee sitting on the rape flower. We really enjoyed that landscape photography.

#75 Flowers Bee Raps – premium HD nature wallpaper

Moreover, we also enjoyed the cleanest air, which is cleared by the forest around that area. The forest with the tiny streams was our location number two. We stopped there to make a couple of wonderful shots of the stream in the forest. Simultaneously we spent a nice time while making this forest photography. This was something mesmerizing!

We hope that you like our little nature pictures adventures in Karow on that day.

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