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Nature Photography celebrates the natural wonders of our wonderful world. Promoting the art and science of nature pictures through the use of photography. In fact as a tool for nature conservation, education, research, and public awareness!

Photographers about nature photography!

The earliest nature photographs will show us natural motifs that would otherwise not be influenced by long-lasting sunlight, such as birds, animals or plants. Landscape photographers who shoot more or less static scenes prefer smaller apertures to obtain a greater depth of field. So that the entire wide view, foreground, and background, will be clearly captured.

Important to say, that as a category, nature pictures includes exterior photos that show us subjects with a wide range of characteristics. Of course important are also the associated photographic techniques for shooting animals, birds or plants. Wildlife photographers in particular are known to require high-resolution and high-quality digital cameras.

- Olek is a talented nature and wildlife photographer from Berlin. He loves the beauty of nature that surrounds us. He is also passionate about the deep pure beauty that he feels in nature through his photography and his love to nature. He is an outdoor, travel, and landscape photographer based in Germany. He enjoys the photos of nature, wildlife, landscapes, birds, animals, plants, and also people. On this website, you can find a variety of nature, animals, flowers and sunset photos from his collection. His works are always very unique and colorful. He has his own vision of life and of course the vision of the nature photography.

- Shivang Nature Wanderers is an official trainer of Canon India, having conducted over 400 nature photography workshops in the last decade. He is also a very talented photographer and now a days is a member of the Devon Natural History Society and the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature. Moreover, he is the author of several books on nature and wildlife photography. Shivang is famous for his pioneering work in the field of advanced infrared photography. He's also traveling the world with his wife and son in search of his photographic vision.

- Martin Belan is one more nature photographer, that loves the idea of being in nature and observing wildlife, birds, and landscapes, as well as the beauty of nature. He loves nature, wildlife, and bird photography. But he also loves experiencing new cultures and observing the beauty of the places that he visits. Photography is a medium for sharing the incredible beauty of nature pictures and wildlife with the world. He uses his passion for wildlife photography to offer guided safari tours to Africa, South America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

Macro lenses in photo of nature.

With macro lenses, photographers can take photos that highlight moving things such as birds, animals, and plants to create abstract images. This important technique of nature photography helps in studying animals, plants and any other natural phenomenas. As well as the landscapes photography.

Lots of nature photographies are made for scientific, travel, and cultural publications. But they are also often considered as an art photography, where aesthetics becomes the main value of the image. Photo of nature aims to convey the natural environment, the living being, and of course the animals themselves. Certain locations require special permits, and some animals lead a certain lifestyle that the wildlife photographer must respect. The photographs must contain at any rate one image of a creature, fledgling or plant species. For example, winged creatures, vertebrates, reptiles, and creatures of land and water.

This stunning photo of nature will make you realize how much everyone needs a break from the city.

Although it is impossible to describe the feeling of exploring the forest, that Olek photos come close. It captures the delicate way the sun meets the growing moss. The autumnal colored trees and the unique connection that one feels with the land, when admiring its beauty without interruption. He has the ability to capture such demanding landscapes underscores. And he has passion for capturing the beauty of nature in so many forms.

We welcome you on our website to present the most special photography that were caught in many places all around the globe and it shows you the beauty of our amazing world. However, we like very much pictures, that were taken in lesser-known species. This make those nature photos even more special. 

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