Any cases for misprinted/harmed/deficient things must be submitted inside about a month after the item has been gotten. For bundles lost on the way, all cases must be presented no later than about a month after the assessed conveyance date. Cases regarded a blunder on our part are covered to our detriment.

The return address is set as a matter of course to the My Nature 4K office. At the point when we get a returned shipment, a computerized email warning will be shipped off you. Unclaimed returns get given to noble cause following a month. In the event that My nature 4K’s office isn’t utilized as the return address, you would get obligated for any returned shipments you get.

Wrong Address – If you or your end client give a location that is viewed as lacking by the dispatch, the shipment will be gotten back to our office. You will be obligated for reshipment costs whenever we have affirmed a refreshed location with you (if and as pertinent).

Unclaimed – Shipments that go unclaimed are gotten back to our office and you will be obligated for the expense of a reshipment to yourself or your end client (if and as pertinent).

On the off chance that you haven’t enlisted a record on and added a charging technique, you thusly concur that any returned arranges because of some unacceptable delivery address or an inability to guarantee the shipment won’t be accessible for reshipping and will be given to noble cause at your expense (without us giving a discount).

My Nature 4K doesn’t acknowledge returns of fixed products, for example, yet not restricted to confront veils, which are not appropriate for return because of wellbeing or cleanliness reasons. You thus concur that any returned orders with face veils won’t be accessible for reshipping and will be discarded.

Returned by Customer – It is ideal to encourage your end clients to reach you prior to restoring any items. We don’t discount orders for purchaser’s regret. Returns for items, face covers, just as size trades are to be offered to your detriment and circumspection. On the off chance that you decide to acknowledge returns or offer size trades to your end clients, you would need to submit another request to your detriment for a face cover or an item in another size.

Warning for EU shoppers: According to Article 16(c) and (e) of the Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on buyer rights, the privilege of withdrawal may not be accommodated:

  1. the flexibly of merchandise that are made to the shopper’s determinations or are unmistakably customized.
  2. fixed merchandise which was unlocked after the conveyance and accordingly isn’t appropriate for return because of wellbeing security or cleanliness reasons.

Along these lines My Nature 4K stores rights to reject returns at its sole prudence.

This Policy will be administered and deciphered as per the English language, paying little mind to any interpretations made for any reason at all.

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